Valessa Sahashi
Dream Producer
In addition to being a business administrator, I spent a lot of time studying different postgraduate courses on diplomacy, protocol, international relations and entrepreneurship until I finally decided to specialize as a Professional Event Organizer. This was always my dream, that's why I love and enjoy what I do because of this, I am determined to produce the event your dreams. It is not just a promise, it is a commitment.
Being an economist by profession, I decided to join the OnceUponEventos family as administrator and coordinator of Agasajo and OnceUponRental. My main job is to give the client an excellent experience in service and treatment, complying with the pillars of the company that are honesty, transparency and integrity. It is a joy for me to work alongside Valessa as he has collaborated in the production of dreams for our clients. Any questions or concerns I am at your disposal to help you.
Protocol Manager
Graduated from the Private Bolivian University, which endowed me with an excellent academic training in Marketing and Logistics, so I had the opportunity to work in different companies that gave me the opportunity to learn about, Label and Protocol, security, makeup and uniform and provision of First Aid. If you have any questions about protocol you can ask me.
Banquet manager
I am a business administrator. Also do diplomas in organization of events especially in Weddings. I had the opportunity to work in international companies which gave me the opportunity to work with high standards of performance, quality and always oriented to conflict resolution. I have experience in MKT especially in Brand Management, ATL, BTL, Digital. It is in this way that I get to OnceUponATime, a company that allows me to work in what I like with excellent support in my work experience. I am by your side to help you from the kitchen and at the reception.
Design, assembly and awning wiring
I have experience of more than 15 years in the design, assembly and wiring of Awnings, seeing the opportunity to work at Once Upon Rental is that I determine to move to Bolivia, I am currently the head of structures, in charge of a team of more than 8 people . The most important thing for me is that my team works to always satisfy clients' dreams with high quality standards. If you have doubts or questions, come to me and I will assist you.
Don Augusto
Head of Sewing and vehicles
With a lot of experience in handling vehicles of different tonnage and characteristics, in addition to having had a sewing workshop is that I joined OnceUponRental as a driver and the company's main seamstress. Given my knowledge in sewing, I do all the construction of structures ranging from very simple to more elaborate designs.
Head of Dance Tracks and Platforms
I worked more than 20 years as a master of fine work, that is why I decided to join Once Upon Rental to work as a dance floor and stage manager. I work on the dance floors to give them the fine and uniform appearance, since with my years of experience I have managed to perfect the technique not only of assembly but also of finishes. Using only national materials is that I consider myself an expert on dance floors.
I currently attend in all Once Upon Rental areas, from the assembly of the structure to the manufacture of fabrics, I have experience in sewing and fine work. I also work in AGASAJO.
Rain Guard Officer
I am an expert in the assembly of telecommunication towers, so I joined the Once Upon Rental team to take care of the placement and tensioning of the rain protectors in the removable rooms, although I also like to assemble the bars and platforms.
I help in the assembly of structures, dance floors, bars in addition to moving the equipment of AGASAJO.
Furniture chief
I have experience in handling and transfer equipment for events, I collaborate with the assembly of the structures although my work focuses on AGASAJO, a sister company of Once Upon.